Introducing Postobox 1.0.1


Email is our command center for getting things done. But let’s face it, email tools haven’t kept pace with the practical ways we use our inboxes — storing files, managing information, reminders for things to do, etc. Postbox lets you work with email the way you’ve always wanted. Powered by an ultra-fast email engine and a sharp-looking, intuitive interface, Postbox will help you focus, save time, and get more done.In the new imporved version of Postbox 1.01. you can now Archive to any folder within any account – even across accounts and to local folders too! This makes it possible to do things like archive mail from your Yahoo! account to a folder on Gmail. Conversation views can now be customized to display in chronological or reverse chronological order. Message headers within conversation views will now display contact photos, making it easier to scan for and identify participants in a conversation. Favorite topics can now be assigned to the selected message using 1-9 on your keyboard. The color of a topic can now be applied to the entire row in the message list.

Postbox website:
To download click here

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