HBMeU e-Learning Forum 2010


Bringing Global Quality to a Local Context’is the theme chosen for the 3rd Annual Forum on e-Learning Excellence in the Middle East 2010. This theme reflects the important changes of scale and scope of our institution that evolved from eTQM college to Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University in February 2009.

The local contextualisation of global quality relies on the human capacity to think globally but act locally, to help overcome limited scale, bounded thinking. The tension between global standards and local expectations calls for new powerful tools and conceptual instruments to enhance online learning, to measure its effectiveness, to improve the design of learning materials and to integrate the evolving role the teacher, now a facilitator rather than a person who holds the knowledge. Beyond traditional educational management, it also calls for specific accreditation, quality frameworks and policies. And last but not least, it calls for innovative pedagogies and methodologies to support just-in-time, on-the-job, lifelong learning.

The focus of the 3rd edition of the forum will be on systemic approaches of networked education and training, where every region and culture is keen to participate in the construction of the knowledge society and economy according to global quality standards, while preserving its own specifity, identity and values.

This is the challenge for bringing global quality to a local context

Conference programme


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