One laptop per child, Generation 3!

Copy of one-laptop-per-child-machine-xo-3-1Two years ago, around this time of year the One Laptop Per Child XO laptop was launched with Nicholas Negroponte. Now more than one million laptops have been distributed to children around the world to help further the mission of providing education and access to information for all… like in Uruguay where every public school child between 6 and 12 years old has one. While the distribution of OLPC XO continues, today Forbes is presenting the XO-3. The new design features an all plastic tablet screen which is semi-flexible and extremely durable (compared to current glass screens which crack upon impact), and just like the original XO, the display can be optimized in both transmissive and reflective modes for indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. The XO-3 supports many use scenarios to fulfill kids’ learning needs: from horizontal book mode to portrait reading mode, to multi-touch, so many hands can play and learn together on the same screen, to a full-touch keyboard and a back facing camera.

Copy of one-laptop-per-child-machine-xo-3-3



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