Ramadan goes Hi-Tech with phone apps

As millions of Muslims around the world began observing the holy month of Ramadan, modern technology has stepped in to help them through the 30 days of fasting. Perhaps inevitably, applications for the iPhone and iPad are now available to provide inspiration, support and practical information during Ramadan, the dates of which are determined by the lunar calendar.

The Ramadan Daily Dua, available for the iPhone and iPad, offers a prayer of supplication specific to each day during the holy month, while Ramadan Booster Pro offers “tips and recommended good deeds to help organise your Ramadan”. Nokia has its own updated, free Ramadan application suite, which allows users to browse the Qur’an, get prayer times and find their nearest mosque, among other things. Unusually for a non-Islamic country, the German television channel RTL2 has said it will do its bit by flashing up a message at sunrise and sunset to indicate the start and end of the daily fast, during which Muslims are required to consume no food or drink.

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