Fractal Fetishes

Fractal Fetishes: Essays on the organization of the system of information, is a philosophical investigation, by Constantine Andoniou, of the nature and organization of the system of information. The book argues that digital technologies have brought about the genesis of a world in which the global system of information constructs unchallenged conceptual misrecognitions and logically unjustified receptions of social knowledge. The book contends that as fractalized information establishes new relations of meanings and understandings of the world, we need novel ways of thinking in order to survive in an informational ocean of lived illusions and lost meanings. Our priority should be to reset collective and individual standards in a redefinition of the content of available bodies of social knowledge in a global context. The discussion focuses on the concept of information and leads to a series of theoretical proposals regarding the structure and organization of the system of information. It is argued that social knowledge implodes towards states of genuine fractal infogramic formations and mutates to digital illusions, altered states of reality which dominate our so-conceived real and conceptual imaginations through daily communication practices and experiences.

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