Shooting the virtual world

Robert Overweg is a photographer in the virtual world who explores the fading border between the virtual and physical. He photographs the virtual the same way as he is doing in the real world. Scenes captured, in games, are atmospheric, mesmerising and beautiful. Mostly abandoned levels, he captures elegance we tend to pass by when playing games. Where game designers intentionally elevate certain moments in the games by introducing special effects, Robert captures the beauty in the blanks, glitches and the left overs and the digitally abandoned.

By taking the photographs out of their context of the virtual world and blowing them up in a size of 144cm by 81cm (or larger) the typical aesthetics of games are laid bare. At first glance the photograph seems to represent the physical world really well. After further inspection you might see the identical air conditioners on the roof both have the exact same rust and scratch marks, the brick pattern on the wall on the right has non fitting patterns. The most obvious example is the two colliding roads whom are pasted together.

His latest projects, The End of the virtual world, Glitches, and more. Check them out

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