Introspectre and Optocoupler

Ludwig Zeller has just completed two new pieces as shown at this years RCA Design Interactions end of year show. These pieces, part of the “New Needs in an Augmented World” collection, are Introspectre and Optocoupler. They are a series of products designed for a speculative future information society where one finds it difficult to consume information.

Optocoupler: The purpose of this device is to relax the user’s mind and to get away with restless thoughts. Designed as an isolation chamber, the OPTOCOUPLER shows a light stimulation at a frequency that matches the beta waves of the brain. The more intense the external stimulus the more likely the brain will adapt to it.

Introspectre: Recognising the problem of focusing when we do things, with Introspectre Ludwig explores our habits of dealing with information in the form of hypertext associations, instant gratification through search engines and permanent access to these. This device is also using neuro-feedback, but not to calm down, but in order to help its user to focus on a task. An EEG headset picks up the brainwaves, which are then analysed for the degree of attention that the user is paying at any moment. This data is then sonified and played back through a speaker that is meant to be sitting next to its user as a desktop device.

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