2020 Teacher Model

The impact of ICT on Primary schooling over the next nine years will result in educational changes in teacher pedagogies and student learning. By 2020, an appropriate teacher model will be developed to assist with such changes and their implications. With the development of Web 3.0, this new role will implement constructivist learning as a facilitator to the student-centred classroom. (Jonassen, Peck & Wilson, 1999). Additionally, Siemens (2004, p.4) predicts that Primary Education will be a technologically-rich digital environment, promoting the development of connectivism strategies in learning. This individualised design interrelates with the autonomous characteristics of technology and education, and as McCombs (1989, p. 277) suggests, leads to learning success and achieving meaningful goals for both student and teacher. Furthermore, the professional development of teachers will be considered an essential factor in using technology to improve learning. (Rodriguez, 2000). The teacher model of 2020 embodies several characteristics which are governed by the impact of ICT in Primary Education.


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