Online flashcards for learning and teaching English

Among many paid services, the website offers a free digital flashcard service. Digital flashcards are a quick and easy online study tool that can help you learn English vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. This is how it works: one side of the flashcard shows you a term or an image. Click to ‘flip’ the card to see the other side, with the definition. Or you can see the definition and guess the term, clicking ‘flip’ to see if you were correct. Click sample sentence or hint links to see more clues.You can shuffle and cycle through the cards an unlimited number of times randomly until you know all the terms. A complete list of terms and definitions is shown at the bottom of the page for those that prefer lists and printable charts.

When you`re ready, you can click ‘ Take Quiz’ to check your learning progress. This presents a randomized multiple choice quiz based on your words and terms. A great learning tool! Faster than making paper flashcards, with the added advantage of using images instead of words, and the bonus service of taking a multiple choice quiz to really help you discover how well you (or your students) know the material before a real exam.

Here`s how to make a flashcard set.
1. Register by clicking Sign Up. It`s free to register.
2. Click on the menu item ´flashcards` , then click the submenu option, ‘Create Flashcards’
3. Enter the information they prompt you for (name of your flashcard set, for example. Q Skills 2 Unit 8, short description: description: English vocabulary; category: English Language Learning)
4. Then you can just type in a term or upload an image, type in your own definition click to accept the suggested dictionary definition for it, and add a hint note or sample sentence or both.
5. Saved sets can be accessed by clicking ‘Flashcards ‘ and ‘My Flashcards’ for future reference.

Happy flashcarding!



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