is a free (pay by donation) flashcard service that helps you remember terms by reminding you of terms frequently, at a pace of your choice. You can choose to be reminded of a term tomorrow, in 3 days, or in a week. The Anki system automatically keeps track of the repetition cycle you want, and prompts you with the words you want to learn as scheduled. The Anki application can be downloaded to your blackberry, laptop or other computer, automatically prompting you to learn some new English words everyday or everytime you go online. One of the best features is that you can find prepared ‘ decks’ of words created by others, for a fast and easy way to expand your English vocabulary quickly and easily. Even learning 20 new words a day can greatly increase your vocabulary in a short span of time, especially if you choose to learn the most popular words in the English language, as listed here

(this is part 1 of 7, follow the above link in to watch all seven parts)



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