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Welcome to Technoliterati, the ICTs and Education blog. My name is Constantine Andoniou. The Technoliterati blog started as a support to the Bachelor of Education Educational Technology program when I was employed as BEd Educational Technology Faculty at the Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology, Women’s College.

Technoliterati (a portmanteau word from technologically literate Emirati) is a concept that encompasses the excellent digital literacy skills and amazing talent of my Bachelor of Education Educational Technology students at HCT Sharjah Women’s College.

The Technoliterati served as an innovative educational tool, engaging students to participation in online research and collaboration, bringing together a diversity of news, information, ideas and opinions about digital and information communication technologies and digital lifestyles. It provided an alternative source of information and knowledge, from a diversity of perspectives to educate, inform and inspire. Technoliterati also aimed to provide a platform for the students themselves to express and showcase their innovative ideas, creative mind and inspiring thought. My thanks go to all those students who contributed to this blog.

With the Bachelor of Education in Educational Technology coming to an end at Sharjah Women’s College, it’s time for the Technoliterati to move ahead to new horizons of exploration of information, knowledge and technology … the trip continues! Enjoy!

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