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What is Probabilistic Computing?

Traditional computers often seem brilliant and simpleminded at the same time. On the one hand, they can perform billions of high-precision numerical operations per second with perfect repeatability. On the other hand, they fail catastrophically when their inputs are incomplete or ambiguous. These strengths and weaknesses flow from their mathematical foundations in deductive logic and deterministic functions. Navia Systems is working to change all this, by building the world’s first natively probabilistic computers, designed from the ground up to handle ambiguity, make good guesses, and learn from their experience. Instead of logic and determinism, Navia’s hardware and software are grounded in probability distributions and stochastic simulators, generalizing the mathematics of traditional computing to the probabilistic setting. The result is a technology as suited to making judgements in the presence of uncertainty as traditional computing technology is to large-scale record keeping.


Gesture Control System Uses Sound Alone

When you learned about the Doppler Effect in high school physics class—the wave frequency shift that occurs when the source of the wave is moving, easily illustrated by a passing ambulance—you probably didn’t envision it helping control your computer one day.

But that’s exactly what a group of researchers are doing at Microsoft Research, the software giant’s Redmond, Washington-based lab. Gesture control is becoming increasingly common and is even built into some TVs. While other motion-sensing technologies such as Microsoft’s own Kinect device use cameras to sense and interpret movement and gestures, SoundWave does this using only sound—thanks to the Doppler Effect, some clever software, and the built-in speakers and microphone on a laptop.

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Internet of Things

The raise of Internet and advances in telecommunication and software services led to think the chance of connect every object. One of the first topics that arise when talking about the Internet of Things is the concept of ubiquitous society, where everything is traceable, everything can be identified and everything is connected together. These capacities createthe concept of Internet of Things, where sharing information between objects and devicesconnected to the Internet becomes reality. A short video explaining the appearance and evolution of Internet of Things is shown below.