Get students to explore word stress and find related words




Glogster is a free on line tool which allows the user to create interactive posters in which you can embed images, video and text and hyperlinks. There is a standard Glogster but in order to protect the privacy of your students teachers can register for EDU at the following link Glogster is great and can be used with students of all ages and levels.

Examples of how Glogster can be used in EFL classroom:
1) Glogster is great for presenting a person or object Students can provide links to information about the person or object, embed short videos and paste images and use the text option to write about them. They can also record themselves speaking about the person/object.
2) Glogster is great for presenting grammar points. You can get the students to design a poster about a particular grammar point, they can embed short videos that explain the point clearly and give examples using the text option.
3) Glogster is great for presenting a range of new vocabulary; the students can display pictures alongside their vocabulary and record themselves speaking with the record option.


WriteType is a free, Open Source, program that helps younger students experience success in writing. It is designed especially for schools to transform technology from a barrier into an opportunity for success. Some major features include: Word Completion — As students type, word suggestions appear on the right-hand side of the screen to complete the word being typed. Clicking on the desired word will finish the word. WriteType will also learn a student’s habits over time and make more relevant suggestions based on what has already been written. Reading Back the Document — WriteType will read back written text, allowing students to catch errors they may not have caught reading it back themselves. Highlighting — Sections of the document can be quickly highlighted while typing or while listening to the document being read back. This lets students quickly flag areas they need to go back and review. Grammar checking — WriteType will underline simple grammar and formatting mistakes in the document, and offer to make the necessary revision. Auto-correction — Common errors, such as typing isnt instead of isn’t, will be corrected automatically without the need for intervention. It is a writing software that should be very helpful for the EFL writer.

Website is a free (pay by donation) flashcard service that helps you remember terms by reminding you of terms frequently, at a pace of your choice. You can choose to be reminded of a term tomorrow, in 3 days, or in a week. The Anki system automatically keeps track of the repetition cycle you want, and prompts you with the words you want to learn as scheduled. The Anki application can be downloaded to your blackberry, laptop or other computer, automatically prompting you to learn some new English words everyday or everytime you go online. One of the best features is that you can find prepared ‘ decks’ of words created by others, for a fast and easy way to expand your English vocabulary quickly and easily. Even learning 20 new words a day can greatly increase your vocabulary in a short span of time, especially if you choose to learn the most popular words in the English language, as listed here

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