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Cloud Pink … another world above


The ‘augmented reality’ helmet

Guaranteed to give users the sense of experiencing the same “trip” as LSD or weed, the ‘virtual reality’ helmets are developed for use exclusively at Basel, Switzerland-based St Johann’s Park. Augmented reality technology (AR) is used to create the immersive experience which is produced using 3D illusions created by computers, head mounted cameras and a high-powered computer backpack.

The game-like, interactive new media artwork is part of the Lifeclipper project and allows users to experience hallucinations created by computers and see them superimposed on live feed captured by the helmet-mounted cameras. This allows the user to experience strange visions in the sky, surreal insects, glowing grass and ghostly surroundings that plunge users into parallel worlds.

The imagery takes a normal view of the world and adds dream-like visions to screenshots captured by users. Most of these images are inspired by the works of surreal artists like Rene Magritte as well as films such as Avatar and Independence Day. Sadly, the helmet only works in St Johann’s Park though it can just as easily be recreated anywhere else in the world using the same technology which really beats making shady deals with shady “contacts”, paying way above market price for “stuff” and living with the fear of getting nabbed for “possession” or getting DIUs!