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Richard sez, “Best-selling author Richard Wiseman’s latest book, Paranormality, takes a skeptical look at the paranormal and examines what seemingly supernatural phenomena tell us about our brains, beliefs and behavior. The book is doing well in the UK and has been picked up by lots of overseas publishers. However, no major American publisher made a serious offer for it, saying that there was no market for a skeptical book about the paranormal. As an exciting experiment, Wiseman has just released the book himself on Kindle, promoting it as ‘the book that they don’t want you to read’. About 80% of Americans think that they have had a paranormal experience. Maybe it’s time they had an opportunity to hear the other side of the story.”


Perplex City

In 2007 The Hour did a piece about this incredible game Perplex City. It was a super elaborate puzzle game that led people on a real life treasure hunt for an elusive object called the Receda Cube. Well the Cube has been found. It was burried in the Wakerley Great Wood near Stamford, Northamptonshire UK. Andy Darley from Middlesex found the cube and has won the the 100,000 pound prize.

Online Dating : a Social Experiment

When a woman shows up for a blind date from an online dating site but looks nothing like her photo. We’ve discussed one of the errors in the Attribution Theory – the idea of Primacy Effect. Once we have already established an impression of someone, even when confronted with opposing information we are slow to change our impression. These people, having exchanged emails and photos, would have established an impression of what each other were like. Even when confronted with a completely different person, some of them are uncertain and just continue on, or they are confused at the very least. Is this a benefit with online dating – that impressions formed by attractiveness only counts for so much but the interaction through emails etc draws the majority of interest from their personality instead? Maybe this is a way to get away from those impressions formed initially by looks, since we in generally are so apt to do that.