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Cloud Pink … another world above



Fotobabble is an online application that allows to add an ‘oral subtitle’ to any image. It is a simple website to use and all you have to do in order to create your own fotobabble is to sign up. If want to take just a look at the ‘talking photos’ then registration is not required. The output can be easily shared by facebook, twitter or email. What is more, the applications provide a code to embed the photobabble to your site or blog.

Fotobabble can be used in various ways educationally. Use it in the English language classroom in the following ways:

1. Speaking. I would ask my students to create their own Fotobabble in a specific subject (e.g. favorite activity, country etc). In this manner, my students will practice and develop their speaking skills and will inspire their co-students.

2. Listening. I would play the Fotobabbles in class or I would ask the students to listen at home their co-students’ work. Then I would ask them to tell me which was their favorite and why (so here is language generation again!).

3. Writing. There are also some follow-up activities that can be done. The students after illustrating their Fotobabbles the teacher may assign to write a paragraph or an essay, according to the students’ level, on the theme of their photograph.

Fotobabble website

Tele-Present Water

Created by David Bowen, Tele-Present Water installation draws information from the intensity and movement of the water in a remote location. The wave intensity and frequency is scaled and transferred to the mechanical grid structure resulting in a simulation of the physical effects caused by the movement of water from this distant location. Elegance and ephemerality of data beautifully staged by David Bowen.