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Bendito Machine


Learning Platforms: Enabling Parental Dialogue

Woodlawn School have been working with parents and use the school learning platform to share information with parents about their children.

MU multimedia installation

Developing the interest of kids in studies is one of the difficult tasks not only for the parents but also for the teachers. Developed as a school project at the Ecole des Gobelins in Paris, the “MU” is a multimedia installation that includes fairy tales to attract children toward learning. Intended for kids up to 6 years, the installation features a square tabletop multi-touch display to be shared by four students. Using a diffused illumination display and RFID enabled objects, the project lets the kids interact directly with the system for better understanding and identification of the characters. In addition, the MU using latest touch-sensitive technology also helps the kids enhance their basic skills of reading and writing.

Human ‘infected with computer virus’

A British scientist says he is the first man in the world to become infected with a computer virus

Dr Mark Gasson from the University of Reading contaminated a computer chip which was then inserted into his hand. The device, which enables him to pass through security doors and activate his mobile phone, is a sophisticated version of ID chips used to tag pets. In trials, Dr Gasson showed that the chip was able to pass on the computer virus to external control systems. If other implanted chips had then connected to the system they too would have been corrupted, he said.

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