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Maximise the Power of Your Brain

Tony Buzan is the inventor of Mind Maps, the revolutionary thinking tool used by over 250 million people to help them unleash their mental potential. He is the world’s leading authority on the brain, learning and memory. His multi-million copy best selling books are available in 100 countries in 30 languages. He lectures worldwide and acts as a consultant to multi-national companies, governments, and athletes. He has recently launched the world’s first official mind mapping software tool – iMindMap.

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What are the best study techniques?

No two people study the same way, and there is little doubt that what works for one person may not work for another. However, there are some general techniques that seem to produce good results. No one would argue that every subject that you have to take is going to be so interesting that studying it is not work but pleasure. We can only wish.

Everyone is different, and for some students, studying and being motivated to learn comes naturally. If you are reading this page, it’s likely that you are not one of them, but don’t despair, there is hope! Your success in high school and college is dependent on your ability to study effectively and efficiently. The results of poor study skills are wasted time, frustration, and low or failing grades. It’s your life, your time, and your future. All I can say, upon reflection of many years as a teacher, is that time is precious and not to be squandered, no matter what you believe right now.

This guide is designed to help you develop effective study skills. It is not a magic formula for success in preparing for tests, or written or oral assignments. Studying any material requires work! However, by using the techniques described in this guide, and by applying yourself, you can gain a valuable edge in understanding material, preparing for tests, and, ultimately, learning. This guide contains some of the best and most effective techniques of successful students – students who typically have high grades in high school and college regardless of the courses they take. So read on, think about what you read, and prepare to become a successful student! If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please send to me

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Vocaroo can easily become a super language learning and language practicing tool. Teachers can use this free, easy to use online recording tool for speaking tasks assigned as homework. So often speaking is only practiced in class, for limited periods of time, but this handy free internet based tool gives students a language lab learning experience right within their own homes, without any fancy recording equipment. All you need is a computer with a microphone and speakers.

Students could be asked to describe their bedrooms, homes, what they did that day or what they do usually do on the weekends or this could be used as an online verbal journal for students to comment on their language learning progress that week. Or, teachers could email out a recording and ask students to answer a few questions based on what they heard. The sky`s the limit! Students can record and playback the recordings, and when they have one they like, they can save it, and email it to the teacher, or post it to twitter, Facebook or any other social media network of their choice.

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